ALICE Two Tone 6-Drawer Dresser

ALICE Two Tone 6-Drawer Dresser
ALICE Two Tone 6-Drawer Dresser

ALICE Two Tone 6-Drawer Dresser

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    In perfect harmony with the elegant , the dresser stands as a modern companion, featuring six drawers adorned with sleek, minimalist curves. The dual-colored lacquered wood finish exudes sophistication, creating a seamless aesthetic when paired with the bed.

    Designed for those who appreciate contemporary allure, this dresser marries form and function effortlessly, offering ample storage in a stylish package. Embrace the clean lines and refined finishes of this ensemble to elevate your living space with a touch of sophistication and practicality.


    Spacious Storage: Six large drawers ensure ample space for clothing and accessories. Modern Aesthetics: Minimalistic curves with a dual-tone finish create a contemporary look. Durable Construction: High-quality lacquered wood provides long-lasting use and appeal. Seamless Pairing: Designed to complement the ALICE Bed for a cohesive bedroom set.

    Dimension(Width x Depth x Height):

    136.5 cm x 48 cm x 77 cm








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