ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed

ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed Queen
ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed
ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed
ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed
ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed
ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed

ATTICUS Queen Wood Bed

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    This elegantly crafted wooden bed frame presents a perfect fusion of functionality and natural aesthetics. The warm, inviting tones of the wood bring a grounded, organic feel to any bedroom setting. The headboard, practical yet stylish, is designed to serve more than just comfort; it's an innovative hub for charging electronics, ensuring that both rest and connectivity are within arm's reach.

    The multi-functional headboard redefines convenience, offering an integrated solution for charging phones and plugging in devices. This feature, combined with the opportunity to personalize the space with decorative items, makes the bed more than a piece of furniture; it becomes a central, versatile fixture in the bedroom.


    Integrated Charging Station: Conveniently charge devices right from the headboard. Decor-friendly Surface: Space to adorn with personal decorations. Robust Wooden Construction: Ensures durability and longevity. Natural Finish: Complements a range of interior styles. Comfort-oriented Design: Headboard provides support and ease.

    Dimension(Width x Depth x Height):

    186 cm x 213 cm x 106 cm








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