What is Modern Furniture?

Modern Means Clean, Clear Interiors
Your parent’s house was probably very full. Full in terms of both physical furniture and appearance. Modern spaces and furniture, on the other hand, embrace simplicity. Modern furniture is designed to be clean and fresh, perhaps with a pop of colour, as opposed to an overwhelming amount.

Modern Style Means Open and Raised Furniture
Modern furniture is often designed to be “open” and raised off of the floor. This gives a room a feeling of spaciousness.Modern furniture consists of clean and sleek lines that help promote the idea of open space.

Modern Means a Minimal and Unadorned Style
A major component of modern design is minimalism. This means using the least in order to achieve the most. The result of this minimalism is a clutter-free space where attention is placed in small details. This minimalism applies both to entire spaces and to individual furniture pieces.

Modern Means Natural Materials
When it comes to modern furniture design, one of the biggest trends is the use of natural materials. Perhaps this is to keep with the streamlined appearance and the goal of keeping sleek furniture from feeling cold and clinical. The materials most commonly used in modern furniture pieces and spaces include teak, wood, leather, linen, and stone. These materials give off feelings of functionality, quietness, and warmness.

Bedroom Furniture – The modern bedroom is often very simple and functional with a few stylish pieces that draw the eye. Typically, this consists of a bed, a night stand, and dressers. Home Quarters Furnishings offers a very attractive collection ofoak and walnut dressers,mirror dressers, night stands,leather beds, queen size beds, king size beds, beds with storage,and headboards.

Dining Room Furniture –You may remember your parent’s or your grandparent’s dining rooms and think that dining areas are very formal and stuffy. It doesn’t have to be that way, and we’re happy to show you how. We offer a modern dining room collection that includes extendable dining tables, marble top dining tables,glass round tables, oak bookshelves, wooden side boards,eye-catching dining chairs,and cool bar stools.

LivingRoom Furniture –Modern furniture is an excellent choice for living rooms. We offer a comfortable, yet lively collection of fabric sofas, leather sofas, sofa sets, sofa beds, sectional sofas, curved sofas, leisure chairs, glass top coffee tables, bookcases, shoe cabinets, TV stands, Barcelona chairs, egg chairs, and ottomans.

OfficeFurniture –Let your clients know that you’re a modern business with a set of sleek, modern furniture. We offer long wooden tables,beautiful marble tables, stylish office desks, tall bookshelves with plenty of space, ergonomic office chairs, Barcelona chairs,and space efficient office desk and shelf combos.

Condo-size Furniture –Modern furniture is space efficient and made from light materials, both of which are perfect for condo living. Check out our selection of fabric sofas, leather sofas, sectional sofas,sofa beds, coffee tables, portable tables, compact dining tables, king size storage beds, bookcases, shoe cabinets, TV stands, and Abigail and Lyla side chairs.

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