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Stone Internatinoal offers a contemporary product with a timeless appeal. All of Stone’s various products blend well together as well as easily into existing interiors including antiques, traditional furnishings, or transitional styles. Their products are certainly fashionable while still eminently long lasting.

Stone International
Stone International

For centuries, Italian artisans have used natural stones to create such masterpieces as the “DUOMO”, the “COLOSSEUM”, and the statue of “DAVID”.

Nestled among the hills of Tuscany, Stone International continues this tradition by using stones extracted from the very same quarries in Carrara and Rome to handcraft beautiful furniture for today is modern living.


Family-owned since 1975, Stone International has been the world leading manufacturer of natural stone-based dining and occasional tables. Complimentary upholstery, together with standard and customizanle capabilities, complete the offering to fit today’s modern world.

Stone International is located just outside Florence, Italy, where art and fashion provide a rich background for design and inspiration.

Stone International