Restonic is a combination of rest and tonic. On one hand, rest refers to rest and relaxation, on the other hand, tonic refers to invigorating the spirit. Restonic, as a whole, means a sleep concept of restoring vitality and spirit and be completely restored through sufficient rest.

Marvelous Middle was used in mattress products as early as the company was founded. In 1965, after Restonic officially registered its structural patents and trademarks, the Marvelous Middle products immediately became popular all over the world, creating breakthrough sales growth throughout the world. To this day, the patented structure of the Marvelous Middle is still the top design that other mattress brands cannot surpass. In the minds of many global consumers, the patent of the Marvelous Middle has become the name of healthy mattresses.

To give our customers more choices, Home Quarters and Restonic made partnership, aiming to provide Restonic’s masterpiece to people in Metro Vancouver who chase better and healthier sleep.

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