What is modern furniture?

Modern furniture is a style of furniture design of simplicity but not simple. They are stylish and elegant, possessed with classic design elements of postmodernism. The modern style home design decorates the space deeply, elegantly and without failure. The modern style home design is suitable for young and fashionable people.

Introduction to Modern Furniture

The modern style originated from the Bauhaus school established in 1919. This school was overwhelmed oppressed by the tradition of that era, so were there people eager to break the chains, emphasizing breaking through the old traditions, creating new buildings, and focusing on function and spatial constructions.

Modern style emphasizes: all aspects of home decoration and decoration design must start from architectural design, which affects urban construction planning, environmental design, furniture design and furnishings, industrial product design, etc. It is a revolution and movement of previous design expressions.

Modern style home design highlights individuality and has a strong sense of modernity. The characteristic of modern style home design is that its design elements and materials are quite simple. This design style has become the first choice for more and more fashionable people to decorate. Modern style home design is meticulously crafted from overall to partial, from space to interior furnishings, giving a meticulous impression.

Modern Furniture
Modern Furniture

Practicality and flexibility of space

The modern style pursues the practicability and flexibility of the space. The combination of living room space is based on the mutual relationship of functions, and the functional space interact with each other, to fully making use of space. And space is no longer dominated by room combination, nor does the division of space is dominated by the body of walls, but pays more attention to the logical relationship of meeting, dining, learning, and sleeping spaces. The division of different functional spaces is expressed through changes in furniture, suspended ceilings, floor materials, displays and even light, and this division shows flexibility, compatibility, and fluidity with different time periods. The decoration materials and color design provide a space background for the modern interior effect. First of all, the selection of materials is no longer limited to natural materials such as stone, wood, and tile, but expands the selection to metal, paint, glass, plastic and synthetic materials, and exaggerates the structural relationship between the materials, even the air conditioning pipes, The structural components are exposed, striving to show a highly technical indoor space atmosphere that is completely different from the traditional style.

Based on the brown series

Modern colors are often based on intermediate colors such as brown series (light brown, brown, ivory) or gray series (white, gray, black). Among them, white can best express the simplicity of modern style. In addition, black, silver, and gray can also show the bright and cool modern style. Another color feature of modern style is the use of extraordinarily strong contrasting color effects to create a maverick personal style. Modern-style rooms emphasize individuality and creativity, that is, they do not advocate the pursuit of high-end luxury, but focus on expressing things that are different from other residences. Small residential space and multi-function is an important feature of modern interior design. Functional spaces related to the owner’s hobbies include home audio-visual center, mini bar, fitness corner, home computer studio, etc. These personalized functional spaces can be designed according to the owner’s personal preferences, thus showing distinctive effects.

Modern Furniture

Modern furniture Materials

Emphasis on functional design, simple and smooth lines, and strong color contrast, which are the characteristics of modern style furniture. In addition, a large number of new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials, which are also common decorative methods of modern style furniture, which can give people a sense of avant-garde and unrestrained. Due to simple lines and few decorative elements, modern style furniture needs perfect soft fitting to show its beauty. For example, sofas need cushions, dining tables need tablecloths, beds need curtains and bed sheets. Soft furnishings are the key to modern style furniture decoration. The use of a single-color system makes the space more concise, creating a minimalist taste of modern home style. The most used white, gray, black and brown are neutral colors. If you want the space to look bright and open, you should choose a color with higher brightness, such as white, which is cool and transparent. If you like a sense of calm space, black and gray can create a mature effect. Yellow, expresses the distinct personality of the occupants.

Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture in Homes

Use color blocks to present a sense of domain: As modern style homes are freer in space than traditional homes, they do not rely entirely on walls as partitions. The visual movement of colors can create a sense of space. You can use contrasting colors, or the same color system with varying shades for wall painting patterns or wall paint. A space, such as a living room, may wish to choose a special focal point of furniture, using color contrast to emphasize, such as a pure white space, a green double sofa is very eye-catching.

Modern Furniture Decoration

The decoration of modern-style home pays more attention to the contrast effect of decoration materials. It is a kind of room decoration through materials with large contrasts such as stone, glass, wood, or contrasting colors such as yellow and blue, and the combination of rigid and soft materials conflict. And the pursuit of simple and not cumbersome effects in the decoration of the shape. In modern style home decoration, the concept of light environment is emphasized. In home design, the shape of the lamp may not attract your attention, but when it gets dark, the special environment and space created by the combination of lights can give people a lot of space for association. The lights are hidden in the decoration, but the light environment reflects the unique design concept.

Modern Furniture

Building Elements of Modern Furniture

The Importance of Colour of your Home Furniture

In the space of modern-style homes, colors are about to jump out. The extensive use of high-purity colors, bold and flexible, is not only a follow to the modern style home, but also a display of individuality. For instance, the entire living room is dominated by pure red, with red sofas, red background walls, and red carpets. With the multifunctional combined cabinet as the background of the sofa, the model pulleys on the sliding doors of the combined cabinet, and the large number of applications of aluminum alloy and tempered glass are all common decorative methods of modern style furniture, giving people a sense of avant-garde and unrestrained, the stylish and simple accessories on the cabinet also add a little more fashionable elements to the space because of their pure colors. The red background wall, the combination cabinet with metal and glass as the main material, can be used as a sofa background, can also be decorated with a TV background wall, and even can be used as a bookcase in a study and a shelf in a dressing room. High and low combination coffee table, you can choose a variety of combinations according to the owner’s hobby and change in every way.

Multifunctional Modern Furniture

Modern style homes pay attention to function and space organization, pay attention to the formal beauty of the structure itself, concise modeling, oppose redundant decoration, advocate reasonable composition technology, respect the performance of materials, pay attention to the texture and color configuration effects of the materials themselves, and develop non- Traditional asymmetrical composition techniques based on functional layout. The living room with a sofa, a coffee table, and a wine cabinet is quite bustling. On the wall opposite the sofa, a fireplace scene is built with red brick patterned wallpaper and a few pieces of logs. A shelf on the wall can be used for several landscape paintings. Some accessories make the whole wall more vivid, plus a pot of green plants with the cactus bouquet on the coffee table, the natural feeling of the space is even stronger. The combination of wood and wood materials has the natural simplicity of solid wood and the simplicity of panel furniture. The backrest of the sofa is designed as a fence-like shelf, which is not only unique in shape, but also has a certain storage function. The recessed part in the middle of the coffee table is used to place vases, candle holders, etc., which is no longer suitable.

Modern Furniture Layout Structure

This is an age of noisy sentient beings. Furniture styles are constantly changing, functions are constantly being updated, and craftsmanship and technology are constantly being improved. It is the development trend of furniture design in my country, and antique and nostalgia are eternal topics in the furniture market. There is no longer absolute authority on the fashion stage. Any once turbulent trend has gradually faded after several years of leadership. No style can dominate the overall situation for a long time, but in the development of modern design for a hundred years, There is always a main thread running through it, and that is functionalism. No matter what kind of complicated design, the first criterion of meeting people’s functional needs cannot be abandoned after all. The simplest lines are used to express the elegant life, as bright and clean as a breeze, and the modernist furniture with supreme function is revived.

From the perspective of the world’s furniture development, the design of modern furniture is trending towards technologically advanced, feasible in production, economically reasonable, beautiful in style, and safe in use. Today’s furniture design industry is increasingly agreeing and accepting a new design concept, that is: designing new furniture is designing a new way of life, work, leisure, entertainment…more and more designers Have a more and deeper understanding of the concept of “furniture’s function is not only material, but also spiritual”. Modern furniture is developing in the direction of practicality, multi-function, comfort, health care and decoration.

The term functionalism appeared as early as the 18th century and sprouted with the great changes in the design history brought about by the Industrial Revolution. As the core and characteristic of modernist design, functionalism established its historical position in the 1840s. Its most influential slogan is “Form follows function.” This principle derives its own set of aesthetic systems-minimalism, minimalism… and has produced many excellent designs with perfectly unified functional forms.

The designers of Bauhaus believe that by using new materials such as metal, plywood, plastic, and glass, industrial manufacturing can produce large-scale furniture that is both aesthetic and economical. With the further development of industrial technology, Bauhaus’s design style has added ergonomic research and the development of new materials. Whether it is a chair with a unique shape or a sofa that emphasizes comfort, its function and decoration are exactly right combination, and the furniture that pays attention to environmental performance is more popular.

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