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Corium Italia originated from the heart of Florence, Italy, a country famed for their passion in design, beauty and fashion, yet deep-rooted with a rich blend of culture and heritage. Founded by two dream pursuers – Rino and Edoardo. In their Italian blood, they always keep original passion for “pursuing the beauty” and regard sofa as exquisite leather boutique. Which is why they chose to launch Corium in Florence, a city known for its fine work of leather handcraft. Drawing inspiration from this tradition, Corium Italia promises a suite of upmarket and modern Italian designer sofas for the esteemed customers.

corium italia sofa
corium italia furniture

The measure of life is not in its possessions; what matters is a sense of accomplishment. It resides in-between the vision and creation – in the time taken between expression and distinction. It reveals itself through a restless passion to pursue beauty and perfection, not to be noticed, but to be remembered. Life is what we make of it. Live with pride. 


Corium Italia is an Italian sofa manufacturer with extensive experience in the product development, design, manufacturing and sales of sofas. HTL acquired Corium Italia in 2012 to expand its research and development capabilities, and to establish a production base closer to its key European markets. Corium Italia originated from the heart of Tuscany, Italy, and draws its inspirations from the rich heritage and tradition of passion, excellence and accomplishment, dedicated towards ideals of beauty and perfection.

corium italia furniture