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Italian Furniture Shopping Guide in Vancouver

Choosing furniture items for your home or office can be a very intimidating task, given the endless options and brands available on the market. Something most of us find ourselves considering is how much we are willing to spend and if we want to buy furniture from some average retailer or a high-end Italian furniture […]

Ceramic Table Tops: Are Ceramic Dining Tables Worth the Hype?

Ceramic Table Tops, In this age of post-modernism, everyone is too busy and there’s so much to do.  Almost everyone living in this go-go-go Canadian society is under time pressure. We never have enough time to connect with ourselves, nature, and most importantly our families and friends. So, the meager time we get to spend […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Fabric Sofa in 2022

One of the most significant furniture purchases you can make is a sofa! Consider how much of your life at home revolves around this single item. Unwinding after work or on the weekends, watching TV, entertaining guests, napping… all of these activities take place on the sofa! Sofas come in a variety of different designs, […]

Home Quarters Furnishings Named Best Furniture Stores in Vancouver!!

Home Quarters Furnishings is proud to be presented in the newest furniture store guide, published by TheBestVancouver! This descriptive guide outlines the top furniture stores in Vancouver with a brief description of each. And we are happy to be included on this list full of amazing furniture shops! Who are we? Home Quarters Furnishings has […]

Choosing the Best Sofa for Your Home In 2021

Home furniture is an important investment, and when done correctly is likely to last a long, fruitful time! I’m sure we can all agree, a well selected sofa is bound to make countless memories in your living space! So when choosing the best sofa for your home, you might want to go for the best […]


If you are trying to furnish a new home, or simply wanting to refresh the atmosphere in your home, the living room is one of the most important areas to focus on. The living room is where you greet your guests, businesses partners, friends, loved ones, and most of the time, the first room people […]

The futuristic technology of disinfecting shoe cabinets will prevent epidemics. ETL certification! All in stock!

Good news! Many people will ignore the fact that shoe soles are also prone to germs during the epidemic! Once the virus on the soles of your shoes is brought home, it may increase the chance of spreading the virus. This disinfection shoe cabinet has ultraviolet and low phosphate sterilization, the sterilization rate is as […]


​头条 好消息! 这次疫情期间,大家把防护重点放到了口罩,护目镜和手套上,但是这样的防护是不够的。很多人都会忽略,其实鞋底也是容易沾上病菌的!一旦你脚下踩过带有病菌的地方,就犹如带着一颗订时炸弹,带回家中,全家遭殃。这款智能护理鞋柜具有紫外线和低臭氧双重杀菌,杀菌率高达99.9%。除菌更彻底,家人更放心! 4大升级点 全天候家庭鞋柜黑科技 立即拼团!抢购优惠券 ¥100人民币抵$300加币 5人成团!截止11.30 品质老店!选择有保障! 地址:  160-4551 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC  电话: (604) 270-4505 扫码关注我们!