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Choosing furniture items for your home or office can be a very intimidating task, given the endless options and brands available on the market. Something most of us find ourselves considering is how much we are willing to spend and if we want to buy furniture from some average retailer or a high-end Italian furniture brand.

Although both the options have their pros and cons, it is generally advisable to invest in a few high-quality items that will see you through a long time.  Buying luxury Italian furniture pieces like an Italian bedroom set, and an Italian leather sofa may cost you a little fortune, but it will pay you off over the years to come.

Shopping Guide: Italian Furniture in Vancouver
TOBIN Sectional – Calia Italia

Italians have a reputation for having refined taste throughout history. Food, apparel, jewellery, and even their travel locations may all be opulent, lavish, and daring all at once. This is clear in furniture that is labelled “Made in Italy,” which is a product of both their extraordinary designers’ talents and their country’s rich culture, history, and tradition. Italian furniture has a unique, intriguing style that is incomparable. These installations add a higher degree of craftsmanship and quality that other manufacturers simply cannot match, whether you’re thinking about redecorating your bedroom, lounge, or living space.

Following are a few benefits of using Italian furniture, assuming you are looking into approaches to bring life to your space. Keep on reading if you want to know why investing in high-end Italian furniture is a wiser decision than buying cheaper options available on the market. Being in Vancouver, there are a lot of great options for Italian Furniture. You can find furniture that is right for you whether you are in Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey or other areas. Home Quarters Furnishings is a furniture store located in Richmond but furniture delivery is available in the entire Greater Vancouver Area.

Comfortable and Healthier Furniture

One of the basic reasons to purchase furniture is to make our everyday life comfortable. Sitting on a comfy, plush couch is far more pleasant than on the floor. It’s as simple as that, you get what you pay for. If you choose to purchase cheaper furniture pieces, you’ll have to compromise on your comfort. However, if you opt for high-end Italian furniture, it might take a little toll on your budget, but you’ll see the difference for yourself.

Better quality furniture items typically provide greater support than their cheaper counterparts, preventing you from developing backache after spending a lot of time sitting on the couch. Cheaper goods usually seem pleasant at first, but gradually degrade as the support and structure disintegrate. This indicates that you have invested money in something that, after a few months of use, won’t be comfortable to sit on. Luxury objects, like Italian furniture, stand out since they are known for being more durable, which means their support and structure won’t deteriorate with time. Many contemporary Italian fixtures like leather sofa Vancouver and Modular sofa Vancouver are made of supple, flexible leather or soft textiles. As a result, your couches and sofas will usually adapt over time to the people who use them the most, ensuring the utmost in comfort.

It should be emphasized that investing in items that will keep your health from deteriorating is crucial because your health is the foremost important. The fact is, sitting on a cheap, uncomfortable sofa can cause neck and back pain, which could develop into a chronic health issue.

Italian Furniture Vancouver Perry Full Natural Leather Sofa
PERRY Full Nature Leather Sofa – Corium Italia

Space Saving, and Easy to Move Around

Most people, when they think of furniture, they think of cumbersome pieces that are extremely inconvenient to move around. However, this is not the case with Italian-made furniture. Italian furniture is designed to be easy and safe to transport, making it convenient to move from one location to another. It’s a major plus point for those who are frequently on the move.

Unlike, a lot of other furniture options on the market these days, Italian furniture is not excessive. Italian Furniture from the Vancouver Furniture Store Home Quarters are designed by master furniture crafters and follows Italian heritage and traditions. They appear elegant and sophisticated as each piece is carefully handcrafted with attention to even the little details.

Works well in every setting

Another benefit of Italian furniture is, that it works well in both formal and informal settings. Italian-style furniture items ranging from bedroom sets to living room furniture, and from conference tables to leather sofas, perfectly work well in both formal and informal, indoor, and outdoor settings. Whether you want to bring sophistication and life to your office lobby or spruce up your bedroom, you’ll find an Italian furniture item to perfectly do just that.

Timeless Designs

Italian furniture for some reason tends to exude sophistication and elegance. Whatever it is, these items will never go out of style. It can be the excellent craftsmanship or the classic designs. Italian-style furniture has something for everyone, from traditional cabinets and dressers to slick contemporary coffee tables and seats. Whether it’s a Vancouver modular sofa or an Italian bedroom set, it’s simple to bring a little bit of Italian luxury into your house with pricing starting at just a few hundred dollars.


As mentioned earlier, Italian furniture is known for its simple, subtle designs and colour schemes. This is fantastic in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that it gives your living area a whole new degree of adaptability. Italian furniture from from the Richmond Furniture store Home Quarters Furnishings is a secure choice because of its inherent versatility. It works nicely and can be used in practically any place. An Italian bedroom set will work well if you want to spruce up your bedroom. An Italian leather sofa can be the best choice for your living area or office.  The fixtures will not only make your home or office look nicer, but they will also make your space feel more open.

Brooklyn Full Genuine Leather Italian Hand Made Furniture Vancouver
BROOKLYN Full Leather Power Motion Sectional – NT Concepts Italia

Vast Range of Colours and Design

The wide variety of available styles, designs and colours is another outstanding advantage of this type of interior decoration. Aside from the many gorgeous designs available in the showroom, Vancouver’s Home Quarters Furnishing can also custom order many additional styles from Italian brands, with custom colour, material, and combinations of designs. This is very unlike other styles where the colour palette is typically relatively limited or restricted. This implies that regardless of how particular your colour tastes may be, there is bound to be an Italian bedroom set, dining table, or an Italian leather sofa that will satisfy them.

Shopping Guide: Italian Furniture in Vancouver
LILIAN Double Dresser – Fabelli Italia

Lesser Maintenance Expenses

Italian furniture’s lifespan is also quite advantageous. Buying cheaper furniture requires frequent maintenance and ultimately replacement because it quickly begins to show signs of wear and tear. However, investing in modern Italian furniture of the finest quality will ensure that your long-term investment is maximized. Using materials like leather helps with this. Because of its durability, leather is a popular material. It doesn’t stain and doesn’t require frequent cleaning to maintain aesthetic attractiveness. This indicates that long-term maintenance expenses are constrained.

NATHAN Full Genuine Leather King Bed Italian Furnishings
NATHAN Full Leather Bed – NT Concepts Italia

Statement Pieces

An amazing benefit of Italian designed and made furniture is, that it brightens up the entire space it is placed in, working as a style statement. Even if your space doesn’t have a lot of high-end pieces, using just one Italian furniture item like an Italian leather sofa can spiff it up. Italian furniture items have a unique personality and stand out from the crowd for their elegance and sophistication. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted and a pure work-of-art. So instead of cheap cardboard-like furniture items found everywhere these days, why not invest in a unique, hard-to-find piece, and make your style statement?

Shopping Guide: Italian Furniture in Vancouver
ELIZABETH Full Leather 3 Seaters Sofa – NT Concepts Italia


The quality of Italian furniture is a significant advantage as well. Home or office furniture items are not things you want to replace frequently, so you always expect that they will last for several years when you acquire them. Therefore, while choosing what to buy, the item’s durability should be a key consideration.  

If you choose to buy something for as little money as possible, you should anticipate that it won’t be of the finest quality and that it will eventually start to fall apart after a few years. Luxury items, like Italian furniture, are different, though. These products are highly known for being sturdy and well manufactured. As a result, you can expect them to continue to be a significant feature in your home or office for many years. 

BATAL Genuine Leather Tufted Sofa Italian Made Furniture
BATAL Full Leather Tufted 3 Seaters Sofa – NT Concepts Italia

Aesthetically Pleasing

No matter how useful furniture items are, they also serve as a statement. The pieces you select for your space will significantly affect how it feels and looks. You will notice a difference between Italian furniture and what you will find in regular stores if you decide to buy it. High-end items, by definition, have been carefully crafted with attention to every detail. This will significantly affect the appearance and feel of your rooms. is the perfect choice for you if you enjoy interior design and want your room to feel unique and special.


In addition to meeting our basic needs, the furniture we buy also enhances the beauty of our interiors and exteriors. We make significant investments in furniture and no one can replace furniture every six months. Although it is essential to conduct in-depth research and speak with interior designers before purchasing furniture. However, some people still make the mistake of purchasing low-quality furniture that needs frequent maintenance to save money. Buying high-end Italian Furniture may cause you a little fortune but it will be worth your money and see you through the years to come. If you want to invest in furniture that is both elegant and sturdy, come talk with one of our design experts here at Home Quarters Furnishings. Home Quarters Furnishings has a long history of serving Vancouver furniture shoppers with exceptional service and excellent product quality. We currently carry many recognized Italian furniture brands such as NT Concepts, Corium Italia, Bellini Modern Living, Fabelli Italia and much more. We take extra care in attending to our customer’s every need and providing the upmost service quality. White Glove delivery is standard here with a flat-rate low cost starting at just $120. We deliver throughout the Greater Vancouver Area, including the cities of Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, And more! With Over 600 5-Star reviews on Google, we are confident we will deliver a great experience to you as well!

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