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How to: Choose the Best Sofa for Your Home
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Home furniture is an important investment, and when done correctly is likely to last a long, fruitful time! I’m sure we can all agree, a well selected sofa is bound to make countless memories in your living space! So when choosing the best sofa for your home, you might want to go for the best one out there!

The best sofa for your apartment or house will bring your little living space to life. Whether it’s modern furniture designs or classic European furniture, it will add a unique touch of class to your living room.

You’re going to spend time on your sofa when you read, watch TV, enjoy a movie with your friends & family or take a casual nap. A sofa is the most used furniture piece worldwide, and it has to be perfect as it will be around for quite some time.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of modern furniture or vintage designs, this guide will help you choose the best sofa for your home that will your home interiors and life cozy!

What to Consider When Choosing a Sofa?

The best sofa isn’t just a generic thing that you can just pick off a shelf. You need to take a lot of factors into consideration. This guide will highlight the most important aspects that you need to consider. At the same time, we will also recommend you some great options!

Type of Frame

You might have heard the saying better safe than sorry, well that applies to sofas too. You must make sure your furniture is solid and sturdy. Hardwood is an excellent material choice that ensures your furniture is solid and can last a long time.

How to: Choose the Best Sofa for Your Home

Particleboard or hollow furniture has a weak frame that can feel flimsy. Most Vancouver furniture stores like Home Quarters Furnishings will help you decide what will be the best choice to make when it comes to picking sofa frames.

The LUMENS Velvet Sofa is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a strong and sturdy frame that will last a long time. The sofa is an excellent example of form follows function as it the build gives the sofa a strong frame that serves its intended use.

Upholstery of Sofa

Do you prefer leather to be used for sofa covers or pure cotton? We know the choice can be a tricky one to make, but since the living room sofa is the most used piece of furniture, you need to choose wisely!

Having leather as the material of choice can make it uncomfortable for long sitting sessions or in places where the temperatures can get too hot. If you’re a leather fan like the most of the world then the PARIS Leather Sofa can be the perfect addition to your living room as it brings the perfect blend of function and white aesthetic leather that will complement any room perfectly. 

How to: Choose the Best Sofa for Your Home

Make sure you choose a fabric that is easy to spot clean so even if your pet or toddler makes a mess, it can be managed easily because some soft fabrics like cotton and jersey can absorb pet smells more than others. It really depends on how you will be using it!

How to: Choose the Best Sofa for Your Home

When choosing a sectional fabric sofa, consider size, comfort, style, color, fabric, and price. The MELFI Fabric Sectional is a great choice as it offers a black and grey color combination with matching accents make it a treat to look at and to sit in. nicely add to the look and feel of any space.

In addition to the ease of cleaning, also make sure the fabric goes with the décor and the feel of your indoor space. Although synthetic fabrics are the best choice if your sofa will be facing sunlight or frequent usage if you’re expecting rough usage, investing in loose covers is always recommended as they are easy to machine wash!


Cushions are a matter of subjective opinion and choice. Foamy cushions have a better structural look and feel as compared to feather ones, which are generally squishier.

How to: Choose the Best Sofa for Your Home

A combination of both can be the best choice so that the cushions are squishy while they also maintain their structure. The LONDON PLACE Michael Amini Sofa  brings the best of both worlds in a design that’s both elegant, aesthetic, and not to mention extremely comfortable.

The London Place beautifully showcases the design prowess of Michael Amini and adds the freedom of choosing between different settings. You can choose between the whole set, single seater, or the popular 3-seater options.


It will be a huge disappointment if your furniture doesn’t fit your intended space. If you’re visiting a local Vancouver furniture store, you’ll be able to better assess the measurements of the sofa. However, if you’re shopping online, then it’s best to take measurements before making a decision.

Your shelves, wall hangings, and other such decorations around the sofa can limit your options as they can dictate how high the back of your sofa seat can be.

Another often overlooked aspect is the width and size. If the sofa can’t fit through the door, it’s no use spending money on it. A modular sofa set is the best choice in such a case.


Your living room sofa is going to be around for a long time, and you need to spend wisely on it. We hope that this guide helped you make the right choice. If you’re like us and like to look at all the best options available Home Quarters Furnishings – Sofas beautifully showcases the best options on the market that offer the best value for your money.

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